2021 香港約章

The Letter 約章內容 

2021 Hong Kong Charter


2021 香港約章


1.  Ever since the Sino-British negotiations in the 1980s, the people of Hong Kong have been striving for a democratic political system, the right to elect truly representative legislators and Chief Executive. Notwithstanding, despite barring Hongkongers to determine their future, the Chinese Communist Party, with its unchanging one-party dictatorship, has been also tightening its totalitarian grip on Hong Kong. Sino-British Joint Declaration and Basic Law have been repeatedly breached by the Chinese Communist Party after the handover in 1997, and their promises of democracy and autonomy - have never been fulfilled. Hongkongers gathered in resistance to the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement in 2019. Facing more atrocious oppression than ever, tens of thousands were arrested. After the imposition of the National Security Law, Hong Kong's freedom of speech and assembly has been exsanguinated. Numerous Hongkongers have no choice but to leave in exile, while those remaining in their city are living with the constant fear of being politically persecuted on any day. The 2021 electoral reform imposed by the Chinese Communist Party further annihilated the democratic elements in our elections, putting the last nail in the coffin for "One Country, Two Systems".

2.  With unwavering courage and altruistic sacrifices, Hongkongers have placed the Hong Kong democratic movements under the international spotlight, and Hongkongers have increasingly engaged in international political advocacy. Diasporic Hongkongers will always be garnering support from global allies, to further our cause for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong and to resist the Chinese Communist Party. With the 2021 Hong Kong Charter, we shall unite the diasporic communities, to come together at the international front, for the eventual Liberation of Hong Kong. We vow to stand against the oppression from the Chinese Communist Party, to strive for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, to continue safeguard our determination for Hong Kong's autonomy both locally and overseas, to advocate for international collaboration in countering the Chinese Communist Party's global aggression, and to safeguard the universal values of freedom and democracy.​

1.  自1980年代中英談判起,香港人一直爭取民主制度,以期選出代表香港市民的首長以及立法機關。惟中共一黨專政本質不變,除了阻撓香港人商討香港未來,自九七主權移交後,中共更屢次破壞《中英聯合聲明》和《基本法》精神,從未兌現承諾,落實民主與自治。直至二零一九年反送中運動爆發,港人奮起爭取民主自由,卻被暴政以赤色恐怖打壓,數以萬計示威者被捕。《港區國安法》實施後,港人言論、集會自由盡失,在港者動輒被囚,被政治逼害者流亡海外;2021年中共強加的政制改革更摧毀了香港選舉僅餘的民主成份,一國兩制名存實亡。

2.  港人的勇敢和犧牲使國際社會尤其關注香港的民主運動,國際倡議工作如雨後春荀,港人離散族群無不為建立民主香港而爭取國際盟友支持,護港抗共。在二零二一年之初,我們希望透過《香港約章》來凝聚港人國際戰線的力量,團結海外港人社群,為光復香港的長遠之路籌謀和準備。我們矢志對抗中共霸權及壓逼,爭取港人民主自由;守護並延續海內外港人的自主意志;呼籲國際社會對抗中共威權擴張,共同守護民主自由的價值。

The belief of the Diasporic Hongkongers

3.  The diasporic communities shall put Hongkongers at the core and work for our wellbeing, for our common interests and values. Diasporic Hongkongers shall speak what cannot be spoken in Hong Kong now, utilizing the precious freedom we have, to voice out for those silenced by the rule of terror in Hong Kong.

4.  The Hong Kong resistance shall be making allies and not enemies. Diasporic Hongkongers shall stand united and not fall into the trap of internal conflicts.


5.  Diasporic Hongkongers shall lend our helping hands to one another, facilitating the integration of other Hong Kong exiles. Having one another's back, with the strongest will and the greatest strength, we shall perpetuate the spirits of Hong Kong resistance, until the day we see the Liberation of Hong Kong.​

6.  Hongkongers' wellbeing and values shall be the core of our political advocacy work. We strive for Hong Kong's democratic transformation, to realize the freedom, autonomy and democracy that were promised to Hong Kong.


3.  離散港人會繼續為香港人整體福祉着想,為香港人共同利益出發。離散港人亦應善用海外的自由空間,積極發聲及倡議香港議題,尤其是因政治暴力而難以在香港發表的言論。

4. 抗爭運動應積極尋找更多盟友支持,團結更多香港人,避免派系之爭和海外運動泡沫化,將能量消耗在內部角力。

5. 離散港人發揮互助精神,協助被逼離港者在各地建立並融入在地的互助社群,匡扶個人及同儕的身心體魄,使香港精神不滅。


6.  政治倡議工作以港人利益為依歸,旨在促進香港的政治轉型,體現港人珍重的自由、自主和民主精神。

Hong Kong

7.  Hongkongers are a unique community with their own distinctive culture, history, experiences and values. We shall maintain our unique identity and continue to create its timely significance to perpetuate these precious characteristics; our identity, history and cultural values shall be respected and safeguarded, in writing and in recording, to be preserved in multiple ways to counter the biased perspectives fabricated and propagated by the authorities.

8.  Hongkongers shall have the right to determine the future and affairs of Hong Kong, including any social, institutional and constitutional reforms. Hongkongers shall enjoy a democratic, autonomous and free system. Democracy entails a government and legislature directly elected by the people. By autonomy, it means local affairs are free from the Chinese Communist Party’s interference. Freedom entails the provision of social and economic rights for the people as stipulated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

9.  The Hong Kong government shall implement separation of powers. The judiciary, the executive and the legislature shall not be subordinate to one another. The legal system shall have restricting public power and manifesting justice as the supreme principles. The judges shall adjudicate in accordance with human rights and the rule of law. The highest court shall enjoy the power of interpretation of the constitution.

10.  The Hong Kong National Security Law is a draconian law that violates Hongkongers’ freedom of speech, freedom of the person and political freedom, and shall be repudiated immediately. The government shall stop criminalizing speeches, release all political prisoners and guarantee Hongkongers freedom of demonstration, protest, association, publication and speech. The government shall drop all charges against the political exiles.

11.  The Chinese Communist Party has been arbitrarily encroaching on Hong Kong’s civil society, destroying the values, principles and moralities of each professional sector, and forcing conscientious Hongkongers to submit to its despotic governance. We urge citizens to hold their bottom line, resist association with the Chinese Communist Party and its evil deeds.

12.  Under the Chinese Communist Party’s direct orders and the blind submission of Hong Kong officials, the police force has become an arsenal used by the totalitarian regime to oppress people’s aspirations and rights. The police system must be reformed. A democratic policing system, which truly serves the people, has to be established under the people’s supervision and with the people’s mandate.


7.  香港人是一個獨特的共同體,擁有獨特的文化、歷史、經歷以及價值觀。我們應該維持獨特的身份認同,持續創造其時代意義,以傳承這些珍貴的特質;我們的身份丶歷史和文化價值應該受到尊重、保護,以各種方法書寫、記錄、保存,抗擊官方諱言捏造的史觀。

8.  香港人有權決定香港的前途和事務,包括民生丶政制丶憲制等改革。同時,香港人應享有民主、自主和自由的制度:民主包括由人民直接選出丶沒有篩選的政府和議會;自主包括本地事務免受中共干預;自由包括《世界人權宣言》丶《公民權利及政治權利公約》和其他國際公約內列明人民應享有的政治丶社會及經濟權利。

9.  香港政府應實行三權分立,司法丶行政及立法機關互不統屬。法治制度應以限制公權力、彰顯公義為最高原則,法官判決應合乎人權及法治的標準,另外本地最高法院應享有憲法解釋權,不受中共干預。

10.  港版國安法是侵害港人言論自由、人身安全、政治自由的惡法,理應馬上廢除。政府應停止以言入罪、釋放在囚的政治犯,並保障所有港人遊行、示威、結社、出版、言論的權利,並撤銷所有針對流亡人士的政治檢控。

11.  中共肆意侵蝕香港公民社會,破壞各個專業領域的價值、原則以及道德,逼使有良心的香港市民臣服於他們無理專橫的管治。我們呼籲市民盡量捍衛自身底線,不與政權同流合污。

12.  在中共的直接指揮和港府官員盲從上意下,警隊已淪為極權打壓市民訴求和權利的武器。警政系統必須改革,在人民充分的監督及授權下,建立真正為民服務的治安自理體系。


13.  The Chinese Communist Party monopolizes all the power in China. It implements a one-party system, under which there is not the slightest democracy, autonomy, separation of powers, checks and balances, rule of law, equality, human rights and dignity. Only by putting an end to the one-party dictatorship and establishing a democratic system can there be reform within China’s existing system to realize the values of democracy and freedom.

14.  Hong Kong’s democratic movement targets the political violence under the Chinese Communist Party’s one-party dictatorship, but not the Chinese people living under the dictatorship. We urge the Chinese people who have dedicated themselves in the advocacy of political reform in China to join us in the fight against tyranny.

15.  The Chinese Communist Party is not the pacifist power it claimed to be. It is an autocratic organization that attempts to impair the legitimacy of the democratic system and consolidate its own authority by exporting totalitarianism through  various national plans.

16.  The Chinese Communist Party must stop all political oppression, including the persecutions of the human rights activists and lawyers. It shall guarantee its citizens their political rights in accordance with the constitution.

17.  The Chinese Communist Party must stop with its digital totalitarianism. It must stop its surveillance of people’s thoughts and actions, vest the power in the people and protect people’s right to privacy.

18.  The Chinese Communist Party must stop the cultural cleansing and genocide in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang and against other ethnic minorities. It must respect ethnic and religious diversity and guarantee them the promised political rights and autonomy. The Chinese Communist Party must stop its military intimidation against Taiwan and respect the Taiwanese people’s right to democratic self-determination and self-government.


13.  中國共產黨壟斷中華人民共和國內所有權力,實行一黨專政,絲毫沒有民主自治、分權制衡、法治平等、 人權尊嚴的理念。唯有結束一黨專政、建立民主制度,才可在中國境內革新舊有體制,實踐民主和自由的價值。

14.  香港的民主運動針對中共一黨專政的政治暴力,而非中共政體轄下的中國國民,我們呼籲致力推動中國政體轉型的中國國民一起反抗暴政,共行自治之路。

15.  中共並非其口中的「和平主義者」,而是不斷透過各種國家計劃將極權形態輸出,企圖削弱民主制度正當性、鞏固自身權威的獨裁組織。

16.  中共必須停止任何政治打壓,包括對維權人士、人權律師的逼害,保障公民根據憲法擁有的政治權利。

17.  中共必須結束數碼威權管治,終止以大數據監控人民思想舉止,還權予民,保障公民的私隱權。

18.  中共必須馬上結束對內蒙古、西藏、新疆等少數民族的文化清洗和種族滅絕行為,尊重民族及宗教多元,予其實踐獲承諾的合法政治及自治權利。中共必須停止對台灣的軍事威嚇,以及尊重台灣人民民主自決和自治的權利。

The World

19.  We shall conduct our international advocacy work free from partisan politics and to connect more allies that dedicate their support to Hong Kong.

20.  Human rights and democracy are global, transnational governance issues as significant as the climate crisis. We shall strive for cooperation within the international community, monitor and subject the expansion of the Chinese Communist Party, along with its political, economic, legal, military and technological threats to global democracies, to check and balance.

21.  Our advocacy work shall actively connect democracy and freedom advocates around the world. We shall connect with reformists who fight against totalitarianism and for democracy.

22.  Our advocacy work shall connect with the social movements around the world, such as climate justice and racial equality movements, unite the communities which fight for social justice and safeguard the soil for democracy and autonomy, so as to garner from more democratic governments’ support for Hong Kong’s democratic movements.

23.  Our advocacy work shall support the free world in its defense against the expansionism of totalitarian regimes and its erosion of freedom, its constriction of democracy, and its rattling of the foundations of fair society.

24.  Our advocacy work shall connect our allies around the world to promote the universal values of freedom, autonomy, fairness, diversity, equality and democracy.

25.  International communities shall not capitalize on the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights violations. As a member of the free world, Hong Kong shares the same values with democratic countries. The free world shall stand together, to safeguard democratic values under the threat of totalitarianism.


19.  我們應以跨越黨派的信念進行國際倡議工作,盡力連結更多支持香港的盟友。

20.  人權、民主是儼如氣候危機的全球跨國治理議題,我們應爭取國際社會,例如民主政府、跨國企業、民間組織等共同合作,監察及制衡中共政權的擴張以及其對全球民主自由體制的政治、經濟、法律、軍事及科技威脅。

21.  倡議工作應積極與各地爭取民主、自由的抗爭者連結,促進各地反對極權、爭取民主的變革倡議者相互連結。

22.  倡議工作應積極與爭取氣候公義、種族平權等社會運動連結,聯合爭取社會公義的社群,守護民主自治的土壤,讓更多民主政府聯合支持香港的民主運動。

23.  倡議工作應支持不受威權管治影響的世界體系,警剔世界各地的威權崛起,防止其侵蝕民主價值、收窄自由空間、動搖公平社會的根基。

24.  倡議工作應連結自由世界的盟友,宣揚自由、自主、平等、多元、公平和民主共治的普世價值。

25.  國際社會不應受惠於中共的人權侵害;香港作為自由世界的一部分,與民主國家共享相同價值,國際社會應共同守護被威權挑戰的自由價值。

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